Where are you making do?

where are you making do in life?

I used to be great at making do. I didn’t make much, nor did I expect to. I got great at working with those constraints.

Leaving that world behind, graduating into a new reality, was a slow burn.

Picturing and projecting into the future. Figuring out where, if nothing much changed, things would be in a year, 2 years, 5 years and beyond.

Deciding what I wanted to carry on and what I was ready to leave behind. Contemplating how that changed the picture.

Letting myself dare to dream. Expand my horizons. Stretch the limits.

Getting ready to shed, getting ready to step up.

Letting ideas creep in, not dismissing them summarily, discerning why they felt scary and whether I was willing to consider them anyway.

Honouring my hopes and desires, my feelings, and the stirrings that energised and galvanised me.

Where you are right now is where you are. And if it’s not where you want to stay, that’s okay too. And if you wind up remaining here longer than you want to, that’s fine, too. Things tend to unfold in their own time.

But leaving it all behind starts with a spark. Saying no more. I’m done making do. I’m meant for more.

I desire, deserve, and am destined for more than this.

The audacity to think about wanting more. And then, daring to start doing things differently.

Where are you making do, biding time, shrinking and playing small right now, and what’s your end game?

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