Boyfriend in the kitchen: A saucy duck dish

duck with tomato jusA tad extravagant for a Saturday lunch? Perhaps…

I’ll be honest: duck doesn’t really do it for me. It was the veggies – mushrooms, onions and basil – that I really wolfed down. And the sauce! Oh, the sauce. After a couple of wildly unsuccessful guesses, T shared with me exactly what went into it:

  • Water
  • Tomato paste
  • Oregano
  • A dash of oyster sauce (yes, really)

How about you – are you a duck fan?

13 thoughts on “Boyfriend in the kitchen: A saucy duck dish

  1. My wife isn’t too keen on duck but I quite like it from time to time. If prepared correctly it is exquisite, not to mention the reputation one obtains from being able to make a delicious duck dish. I hear it’s really tasty when made into a dried duck jerky. But let’s be honest, who’s ever met someone who preferred duck over chicken?

  2. Duck is okay, but I’m not terribly crazy for it; I find it to be a bit fatty for my liking. Usually I have it in the form of Peking duck, so it’s been a while! That sauce sounds amazing though!

  3. I LOVE duck! The first time I had it was only about 10 years ago. We never ate it growing up, but one evening I was at a restaurant that had it on the menu and I thought I’d just try it. Yes, it is more fatty than chicken, but chicken is so bland and easily dried out that I don’t much eat it when at a restaurant. I love duck confit more than duck breast, but both are yummy. 🙂

  4. That dish looks amazing. T really can cook.
    I’ve only had duck once. My wife’s parents are immigrants and in their country they eat duck on New Year’s for luck. The soup was good, however, I was allergic to some of the seasonings and ended up sick for the rest of the night.

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