Getting ahead

Suze Orman raises some interesting points in Young, Fabulous and Broke.

She reckons it’s your job to support your boss and make them look great – your time will come once you’ve helped establish their strong position, become indispensable, and endeared yourself to them.

And I agree, you gotta put in the hard yards before expecting anything in return. Aside from that, I am
not so sure, but i guess if you can prove yourself to be invaluable to your company you’re in a very strong position. Volunteer for extra projects, overtime, and do whatever you may be asked even if not in your job description.

That’s stuff I do by nature anyway, but I think it’s even more relevant in this “economic climate” if you intend to hold onto your job. I’m hoping late next year my efforts will be rewarded. I’ve done two night shifts this past fortnight, after never having done any in a year and a half. I don’t know if it’s hurt my chances, me working upstairs half the time, but it’s been an invaluable experience I wouldn’t give up for anything. Much as I bitch about its down sides, and feeling out of place in my chain store clothing and ‘expensive’ $50 dress compared to their immaculately tailored outfits, I never would have scored such an amazing opportunity if I hadn’t got my foot in the door with Online.

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