Paper (and virtual) overload

I really need to get more organised with my paperwork. My bank statements only come monthly but I swear those buggers are arriving more like every week. Plus the boy’s, so double that amount. Bills. Letters from uni. Insurance letters. And more.

Bills tend to join the clutter on my desk and float for a couple of weeks until they get paid (always on time, naturally). Bank correspondence does too, piling up for a few months until I have a fit, get out my hole punch and file them away. I really should have a more streamlined process…like, intrays or to do trays…but these are just such small things, surely it doesn’t warrant a full on filing system?

I now have a clearfile for important docs (although a lot of my older ones are still lounging around in my top drawer, unorganised) and a folder for bank statements and the like. Of course, that involves sitting down and hole punching every sheet, etc. And I’m going to run out of space in them soon! Not too sure if I can chuck some old ones to make room, or just start a new one. I think I’d better start a new one, because you never know when you need old bank statements (online only lets you go back 6 months).

Dealing with email is a little harder. I’ve started unsubscribing myself from things as they come. I can’t bring myself to unsubscribe from all my travel alerts though…one day I will be seriously looking to go abroad and they will be useful then! Stuff like Portmans and Glassons I’m on the fence about, cause I like to know about sales when I’m looking for something (but that’s not often at all).

We’ll see how it goes, I guess – I hope to have a clearer inbox this time next week!

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