800px-globesvgHappy New Year!!!

Now that everyone is off overseas I’m feeling really left out!

But I know in a year or so I’ll be free to start making my own plans. Honestly, I don’t know if I’d have the guts to do it alone. I guess if I had tons and tons of money I might not feel so bad, because in that case if anything went wrong I’d still be okay even if I had no one for support.

I don’t know if it would hurt me career wise to go travelling so soon…I mean obviously I’d work overseas, but not necessarily in a professional field, if I couldn’t get work at some sort of media company.

I’m the kind of person who would find it way more fun to go with someone else, to bitch to and rub my feet and share the highs and lows. And keep me down to earth and stop me getting scammed….and help me organise the practicals, seeing as I’ve never travelled alone (have barely travelled anywhere NOT alone for that matter, all my travelling was done under the age of about 5). Visas? Plane tickets? Passports? Accommodation? Jobs? Urrghhhh, not a clue. Well, I know a little about visas and permits from my past job, if only that there are vast amounts of paperwork and it’s best to travel in top health, with lots of money and a job lined up… Tackling all that alone and making it in a strange country by myself is kind of a terrifying thought. I really should have done a semester overseas, but cest la vie.

Anyway, places to go! Me and the boy wanna see Europe, for sure. No definite plans. I don’t even know where we’d base ourselves, wherever I guess. Scandinavia sounds lovely and the people are great, but I suppose our main criteria would be somewhere affordable, English speaking and where we could work.

I have no definite countries to visit, actually. Maybe Italy, France, Greece, Germany…maybe Sweden, or somewhere up there? Wouldn’t mind going to Ireland. And Spain. Hmmm…

Maybe we should save some places for our honeymoon. Like Venice.

I asked myself, why exactly is it I want to travel? A coworker mentioned awhile ago that she didn’t really get the whole travel bug thing and had no desire to see the world. Fair enough. To be honest I’m kind of a homebody myself. I know it’s hideously boring to admit, but I like my life fairly ordered. I like to get to bed at a decent hour, I like to have my spending under control, have something in place for dinner, go food shopping every week and make it to the butchery before it closes on Sunday evening. I like to catch up on everything in my Google reader (I’m an addict), read the news online, deal with my emails and stop in at Facebook.

But I’ve always wanted to travel. I wanna see NYC, maybe some of the mountain states, I want to see Europe and maybe Hong Kong and Singapore again. I want the chance to make some good money (probably highly unlikely), see how others live and experience it for myself (which presumably will make me realise how good we have it here, relatively), take photos, see places I’ve only read about, meet new people….and try their food! Because really sightseeing is only a small part of it; I mean, what are you gonna do, pop over to Stonehenge, take some pix, do a little dance around one of the pieces, then leave?

I do, however, really want to be able to mark down tons of little red pins on those virtual maps that show ‘all the places in the world I’ve visited’.

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