I’d like to fly away….

BF’s project has ended; such is life as a contractor I suppose. Not holding out any hopes of going back to Old Company, although they are still paying his health insurance, the new manager V is somewhat of a dipshit and does not like BF. Rumours are he will soon be ousted. Honestly, the dramas of management at that place. it’s ridiculous. How many times can you  possibly chop and change?

Hoping to get a hold of Boss of the co. where his project just finished. Apparently he really liked him; he just didn’t like the guy BF worked under/contracted under, or his work ethic, they didn’t get along, hence the sudden windup. BF will propose to be taken on as an employee. If he can get through to him, that is. Being the head honcho he hasn’t been at the workshop all week.

We have absolutely nothing this week…not helped by the fact that payroll managed to miss an entire day off my timesheet, and SL is still being deducted despite the fact that I’m pretty sure my balance is now zero or less. Have signed up to view balances in real time online, but now I’m waiting on my temporary verification code….

And yet,,,,we’re talking about the end of year! The plan is to go away for a week. Somewhere tropical and lovely. Fiji. Bali. Raro. I dunno, don’t care too much really – we’ll have to get our passports, sort flights, book accommodation…and of course save and save some more.I’m a bit worried. I’ve never travelled on my own (well obviously he’ll be with me, but the only international travel I ever did was with my parents, YEARS ago) and don’t really know how to go about it. Particularly all the trip details. I definitely don’t want to pay a travel agent, but maybe we should have a chat to one at some point. I’m worried about finding a place to stay, getting from the airport to wherever, etc. I’m still signed up to all my travel newsletters, so I’m getting those every week and I can start paying attention to them later in the year.

Gotta have something to look forward to!

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