Looking up

BF had his interview with Staffbank today. They seem lovely, working out of a small office, but they’re really friendly and comfortable and seem like they’ll take care of him. Although they seem to just be starting out, they sound like they have good contacts and the fact that their books aren’t huge means he has a better chance of getting placements.

Man, am I glad we live in Auckland. I can’t imagine how much worse things would be if we lived in a small town or something. I heard another dire story – Countdown in Tauranga receiving something like 1000 apps for 100 jobs.

On the plus side, WINZ finally started getting helpful, and with BF standing up for himself, he’s set to start receiving some assistance – hopefully that will keep us afloat.

We also have to get him booked in to sit his full licence – I’ll feel much better once he’s got that, plus it will help his employability.

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