Roundup: Shoes, shoes, shoes

I am quite proud of my shoe collection. I realise it’s puny compared to most, but I’m finally happy with where it’s at. It has expanded in leaps and bounds this last year… Believe me when I say it’s the largest it’s ever been! I think I have something for almost any occasion. I even have three (four, if you count my uggs) pairs of boots!

It’s also all really cheap. I do tend to buy cheap shoes and wear them hard,. I don’t think I’ve spent more than $50-60 tops on any single pair. But it’s worked out okay for me so far.

Hereby, my shoe collection (yes, too much time on my hands…)

p4030170 p4030169

My leather boots                                                                     My suede boots

p4030177 p4030168

My new peep toe flats and my trusty old black ballet flats


Love these shoes but a bit too worn and scuffed, don’t wear much. Plus make feet sweat. Don’t go with all that many outfits.


Uggs…haven’t worn in forever.

p4030176 p4030172

Love but have little occasion to wear…


Got these totally brand new and free from inorganics…someone threw out a box of clothes and goodies! These fit me (!!!) and they did have a MaryJane strap across which made it too tight for me (not to mention ugly) but I cut those off. Tada, what you see before you! Comfy, practical.

p4030178 p4030179


My fave tan wedges                                                                 My cute ankle boots



My skate shoes with mismatched laces…

I have to admit, my storage system is a tad haphazard, to say the least. I keep my boots in my closet, on the floor. Except when I take them out to wear them I can never be arsed putting them back in, so they lie on the floor for days.

Most of my shoes live in one of those over-the-door pocketed organisers. Kind of like this…


Some of my more casual shoes tend to live by the front or back door, or in the shoe cupboard near the front door.

Shoes I wear most often  usually just get left by my bedroom door if they are going to get worn again within a few days.

One day, I will have the closet of my dreams…wire baskets, shelves, a long rail and sliding or walk in doors…and I will be in bliss. I’ve never liked the idea of keeping shoes in shoe boxes and pasting Polaroids on the front. Are you kidding? That’s way too much work! And the potential for mess is so much higher.

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