Once upon a time

…I probably wrote faster than I could type. You know, the bumbling, two-fingered shuffle across the keyboard?

Now it’s pretty much the polar opposite. I get frustrated when I physically have to write stuff down – it’s just so slow.

Last year I even stopped handwriting my notes when it came time to study for exams. Instead, I typed them up in short bullet point or paragraph style. Much neater, faster, and easier to go back and insert bits and pieces as needed.

So I thought my exam was going to be a real bitch because I would be spending three solid hours doing nothing BUT writing. Writing, by hand. On paper. Ouch. But surprisingly, the time flew by, my hands didn’t cramp up, and God must have been smiling on me because the questions were worded super nicely and once I put my pen to paper, the words flowed. Three essays? Done, in just over two hours. My writing started to taper off and curve back on itself once I got past the first three pages, but at least it was still legible.

The weird thing? As I was writing, I would randomly picture in my head just how I would write that particular word in shorthand. Especially words with special endings, like ment or ange…because I could have inscribed those with one single short stroke. Pity we had to stick to strict English, but at least I wasn’t tempted to use txt speak. I didn’t even use the & symbol ONCE.

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