When you feel better, you do better

feel better, do better

Everything is about how you feel. As the Maya Angelou quote goes, people may forget what you said, but never how you made them feel.

How you feel influences how you do anything. EVERYTHING. It impacts how you show up. Feeds into what you do and how you do it.

To some extent, it’s true: what you put out comes back.

Hey, I’m not into the ‘good vibes only’ vibe. Denying emotions does not work. Toxic positivity – no thanks.

But I do think it’s important to do ourselves a favour and limit wallowing and spiralling, and do our best to shift out of that mode before it goes too far.

When you feel better, you do better. Full stop.

In money and life.

You think more clearly, quickly, confidently (that’s gold when you’re in the hot seat for a job interview).

Stuff flows out of you, just pours forth from your fingertips and tongue. You write and speak in full flow – it¬†almost bypasses your conscious brain. Like you’re a¬†conduit, channelling some deeper spring of brilliance.

You make better, more aligned decisions without agonising for weeks, going back and forth second-guessing yourself.

And you can’t get into that beautiful flow state unless you’re feeling good.

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