How to move past the money regrets and mistakes that still haunt you

how to banish money regrets and ghosts


How much of our bandwidth, time, and energy is spent looking over our shoulders? Reliving the past? Beating ourselves up?

Regret that you didn’t negotiate for more; regret for the money spent on stuff you no longer have; regret for the money you wasted on ungrateful exes/friends/family.

As hard as these regrets are to live with sometimes, there’s only one way forward: Accepting, learning, and moving forward.

In Money Groove, facing past regrets and mistakes is the central tenet of the first module. To clear the cobwebs and move forward, we first go back and clean up the past.

The process isn’t instant. It doesn’t happen overnight. We move through at our own pace.

But when you’re ready, it’s so freeing to realise that you are so much more than your past.

Every moment spent dwelling on old scars and all you’ve done wrong is a moment that could be better spent doing something to propel your financial life forward. When you’re stuck in the past, you can’t appreciate the present or make moves toward the future.

Life is not a straight line. Your financial life is not a straight line. There will be setbacks – that is just reality for most of us. Many will be beyond your control. Things rarely, if ever, go exactly according to plan. Each of us has to accept this and learn to course correct as we go.

You can start writing yourself a different story. Rising above your past. Choosing not to let your mistakes define you forever. While you can’t alter what happened, you can change your future trajectory. 

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