There are so many things I need to buy right now.

For the house: A toilet brush, new kitchen and bathroom sponges, bulldog clips to hold up my hanging shoe organiser, and new sheets – I’ve had most of my bed linen for almost four years! Am loving my new duvet though – the old one must have shrunk, because it didn’t fill out the covers anymore. SO annoying, having empty fabric all around the edges.

For me:  new facial moisturiser, a short jacket (my long coat looks ridiculous with casual outfits), a new bag (have my eye on one at the moment, but have only set aside $30 towards it so far and it costs $50), socks and underwear. I’d also like a long line cardi and some tops, and sandals and casual shorts for summer, but they can wait. In the meantime, I’ve cut off the legs of some old jeans and now have a pair of somewhat cute denim shorts. I just have to sew up the hems…

T needs a new wallet (his is literally falling apart), singlets, and a jacket. Earlier this year (or late last year?) someone decided to start a fight at a party, bottled him in the head (yeah, REAL classy) and I awoke in the middle of the morning to him coming home with a bleeding head. To top it off, his awesome checkered jacket was stolen. Honestly, it was the styliest thing he ever owned, and it didn’t make him over heat – a thankless task – as it had a nice cool lining, even in the hood.

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