Leaving the big lights

Our class of 2009 has done well. There’s a fair number of us with jobs – in our chosen field, no less – but for every one of those, there’s another who’s moved back with their parents, jobless.

This weekend I caught up up with one of my classmates, who was tossing up between going on a planned overseas trip, and staying here in case she gets a particular job. Basically, it’s a toss up between a holiday, and the possibility of a stable, FT position – one that she’s applied for, but won’t hear back from until after she leaves the country. And it has an immediate start, so carrying on with the trip would disqualify her assuming she’s successful. It’s about as sucky as a choice can get.

I found myself telling her even if she does go, it’s not the last job in the world. There’s plenty of opportunities – just in the last few weeks I’ve seen a handful of entry level PRINT reporting jobs advertised, and who knew those still existed? But she was adamant she didn’t want to leave Auckland, and after all, she still lives at home.

It’s definitely got me thinking, though. Am I a hypocrite? Here I am, telling others there are jobs around if only they were open to leaving Auckland. But how would I react if I was offered my dream job – IF it meant moving to the middle of nowhere? (Unlikely, but I’m trying to make a point here..)

Right now, if T was given a great opportunity almost anywhere, I think I would happily relocate without much of a struggle. Today it really hit me that I could be out of a job in a month or two. Once this project is over, there really is no place for me anymore. It’s unlikely that I’m going to be able to move up into the kind of position I want, and my current role is somewhat redundant.

But if I was to move (and especially, move by myself) I’d have to get a car. And learn to drive it properly. I’d be away from everyone I know, and be making trips back home to Auckland. I’d be cooking for myself again (ugh) and possibly still be helping out T (although things are picking up – theirs is a seasonal job for sure).

I suppose I’d have to give thought to it, but it wouldn’t be a decision to be made lightly. Obviously. Financially, it would be really hard, combined with the fact that I’m more likely than not to take a pay cut should I move to a small town. Rent would be cheaper, I guess, but the second car would kill us. Honestly, at this point I think I’d be better off staying here, working freelance or in an admin job, whatever, until the right opportunity. Things have already started picking up in the last few months, going by the number of job listings around, and hopefully the new year will bring more.

3 thoughts on “Leaving the big lights

  • Reply The Asian Pear December 23, 2009 at 06:09

    I think there’s pros & cons to relocating. I think it would come down to is what you job you are getting and the perks associated to it. And would you be able to move/leave your family to it.

    Everything’s up in the air of course until you really get the details like where you would move, where you’d live, etc.

    In the meantime, I hope that you find the perfect dream job in your current city in the new year. 🙂

  • Reply Serendipity December 23, 2009 at 18:59

    It’s nice that you are open minded if a big opportunity should come along for you or T. I would agree with the idea of just working whatever jobs seem right at the moment until your opportunitys come along because as long as your income is stable, it’s okay to wait.

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