Working round the clock

I really enjoy going on holiday, and yet, I always feel uncomfortable being waited on. I know I’m paying to have our rooms made up and our meals made, but I still feel awkward about it.

They work every day, 7 days a week. They cook and bake, do laundry, help people plan out their trips,

They provide a service, and they have to be on top all the time or they risk building up a bad name.

In the same way, I feel sad when we go to a takeaway shop and see a young boy/girl working behind the counter (presumably a family business). Or the council guys who run around town emptying the rubbish bins on footpaths. Yeah, I’m a sop.

I could NEVER do it. I value my down time too much, and I’m not the kind who can put on a pleasant face and a smile when I don’t feel it. Sometimes T talks about starting his own business one day, but thankfully that would be more along the lines of making and selling things, which would (hopefully) not be all-consuming. I can’t see myself manning a deep fryer every day, but I could possibly see myself helping out with things like marketing and customer support.

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