Link love: Powered by spring rolls and ponytails

Scribbles made a blog mix of all the songs she loved in high school. Ahh, those were the days. Stan, Iris, Drops of Jupiter – so many great songs. To that list, I’d add Under the Bridge and also (although this was just past high school, really) Bernard Fanning’s Wish You Well. Crazy video? Tick. Personal meaning? Tick. It’s the song that was playing as we drove to see BF off to army training. It’s not a song I particularly like, but it’s evocative.

Carrie on the Cheap got engaged! And what a great story it was. Head over and read it if you haven’t already.

Personal Finance by the Book has tips on holidaying for cheap. As always, planning is key. For me, holidays are about friends and relaxing, so accommodation and transport is nearly always shared! Ditto for food – group barbecues are always a winner.

Frugal Babe, on the other hand, writes about building a full and refreshing life that needs no escape. Doesn’t that sound great? As she puts it:  “I would rather have 52 great weeks and no desire to escape from my life.” Holidays have never been a part of my world; my family never went on trips at all. I spent all my semester breaks since leaving home, working. Travel, for me, is more about going to different places than “escaping” life.

Revanche shared her Martin + Osa refund victory – there’s nothing more dissatisfying than clothing that immediately falls apart. I’m not sure I would have had the stamina to chase them up myself; speaking up when salespeople don’t process the right price at the till is about as much as I can manage. Lesson? Persistence is the key.

SS4BC ponders the meaning of financial freedom and finding the balance between saving and debt repayment – something that’s on my mind. Do I just pay off BF’s credit card balance for peace of mind and to save interest and let him repay me directly once he has a job (not to mention it’s on my own card, financial fail #2179)? I don’t know.

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    Thanks for the mention!

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    Thanks doll!!!

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