Wine and Love #3


  • I love summer – I don’t love my nails growing at supersonic speeds! (I keep them short for musical and contact lens purposes)
  • WTF is up with Ultimate Guitar and making tabs unavailable out of the US? Those tabs are tabbed by random players – they don’t belong to the artist or the record company. BOO.
  • And on that note, I brought the new Sony S tablet home to review recently – the perfect size for plopping down next to me and playing Youtube vids of songs to help me learn. Only practically every video I opened was unavailable on mobile devices. Again. WTF?
  • Interns with better blogs than me. I’m never going to blog about politics and major social issues, but maybe I can get a regular book blog going on my neglected Tumblr.


  • Raise and more importantly, promotion for T!
  • Writing some rockin’ stories. Kind of tempted to link to some of them here.
  • AMAZING raw fish salad courtesy of some of the boys at work. I’m not a huge fangirl of the dish, but this was just as good as the stuff we had in Rarotonga.
  • The car sailing through its warrant of fitness. Phew.

2 thoughts on “Wine and Love #3

  • Reply krantcents November 11, 2011 at 09:41

    Summer brings out the good feelings, but for the rest of us it is winter. Although winter in California is similar to spring any where else!

  • Reply Stephanie November 13, 2011 at 06:38

    All your love stuff sounds good to me! Congrats to T!

    That is weird, the whole “not available outside of the US” thing. Even stranger are those “not available on mobile devices” things…That doesn’t even make technological sense!

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