Eat of the week: Dine

T and I did the exact same thing for our anniversary this year that we did in 2010: dinner at a fancy restaurant, and a massage (him) and facial (me).

To be honest, I don’t especially care for fine dining. Give me downhome ethnic (especially if it’s southeast Asian) any day. Dine is the restaurant of bigtime chef Peter Gordon, however, and I was curious as to what it would turn out.

Course 1: Ricotta tortellini doused in insanely sweet honeyed sauce. Reminiscent of baklava. Not unpleasant, necessarily, but certainly a novel flavour pairing.

Course 2: Dahl in inari wraps with kumara salad, spinach and cauliflower raita – very Westernised, but palatable. He had fish and chips, aka, snapper with freshly made chips, and asparagus – simple and satisfying.

Course 3: Three-cheese cheeseboard. Nothing good to say about it, unfortunately – not even the biscotti-like bread, served both toasted and fresh.

The surroundings were stunning:

And the service was on par with the decor. I’m not used to making small talk with staff.

Then downstairs to East Day Spa, where I promptly dozed off during my treatment. Just a pity we didn’t get to use the jacuzzi, or even the shower:

Best of all, it only cost $9.50; I had a $350 gift voucher I got from my old job to use up, which paid for the dinner and spa package, plus a glass of whiskey on top.

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  • Reply Stephanie December 27, 2011 at 02:44

    Happy Anniversary! Sounds like a pretty fancy evening 🙂 Plus it sounds like a great deal (once you factor in that you had a gift certificate to cover most of it!)

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