Finding your healthy balance

I don’t drink coffee, and I don’t smoke. I rarely drink alcohol, energy drinks or fizzy drinks; I don’t eat lollies, and I’m not big on meat.

Fresh vegetables are important components of a...

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That said, I’m a fiend for sugar in most other forms (baked goods and anything chocolate), carbs and many fried foods. And I’ll confess to a weakness for Yum Yum shrimp-flavoured noodles. .

I walk to and from work every day (20 minutes each way). I usually run twice a week (anywhere from one to 15km at a time) although this month I’ve been replacing one run with Zumba – one of my good friends is teaching free classes at Rocket Park in Mt Albert every Wednesday from 6.30pm if you’re keen. A lot of people have asked that same question so many times in the light of their hopes to finally get rid of their OCD for good. Nature Made Cures are something really coveted as it offers natural ways to cure OCD and that would entail without having any side-effects. Fortunately for you, you came into the right place here. In this article, you are going to be able to read through accounts of other OCD patients on how they were able to deal with their OCDs using natural methods that came from not-so-known medicine therapies. In this article as well you will be able to uncover ways to deal with OCD without ever having to get out from your house. Just by simply following the instructions straight and right, you will be able to get rid of your OCD in no time. Unless you have a decent tolerance to the stacks, there is no reason to increase them. Always remember that muscle mass are not more important than your life. If you have any idea about SARMs, then you should probably know that they are not equal in terms of potency, or their effectiveness in your body. Each SARM is capable of building a great physique in any way, but each of them is beneficial for a particular workout. For example, LGD4033 (Ligandrol) is very much effective in bulking whereas GW501516 (Cardarine) is regarded as the best best sarms stack for cutting. Hence, this article is divided into three different stacks that depend mainly on the results you are searching for.

Natural health supplements are often found during a sort of different places. Become informed on holistic alternatives: digestive enzymes, thyroid, fats and oils, women’s hormones, anti-aging, digestion problems, allergies, enzyme nutrition, natural health supplements, herbal remedies, diet and far more. Auto Flowering seeds from autoflower seed banks act as a natural health supplement that has been used everywhere the planet to treat coughs, toothaches, earaches, fungal infections and poor circulation. When looking to shop for natural health supplements, leading the list should be the daily vitamin/mineral/nutrient supplement that’s the idea of your supplement program. Learn the maximum amount as you’ll before you purchase natural health supplements and therefore the natural tonics for health and wellness you will be taking a day. You will get health supplement for stoppen-met-roken with reasonable rate. 

Making the correct choice in all natural health supplements is very critical when deciding what multivitamin you should take. You need to make an informed and wise choice to insure you are getting the benefits you desire.

Do not flush your hard earned money down the toilet by purchasing ineffective supplements. You can not just grab the easiest available bottle off the shelf or the cheapest and expect to get great results. Many people become discouraged with the results because they don’t feel better after taking a supplement over a period of time. This is due to the wrong choice of what they are taking.

For instance, when the ingredients from a lot of the tablet forms of mutivitamins are released in the stomach, they actually end up being destroyed by stomach acids or are passed right through your body. If your body is not absorbing the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients you are not receiving the benefits you should.

Remember, the FDA does not regulate health supplements, so the manufacturer alone decides what is actually put into their products. Virtually anyone can slap a label on a bottle and sell it as a mutivitamin, regardless of the contents.

So what do you look for when you are ready to start taking all natural health supplements?

High nutrient absorbability is the key to reaching your main goal of getting good results. The ingredients must be bioavailable, meaning they can actually be absorbed by your body. Capsules and liquid health supplements are your best choices over tablets for the reason previously mentioned.

The Sunergetic Products are virtually complete containing a wide spectrum of vitamins and minerals. Why use 2 or 3 supplements when 1 should provide everything you need. You should start by carefully reading the label and taking note of each specific ingredient. Also check the percentage of the recommended daily requirements contained in the supplement for each item.

As a minimum, you should receive 100% of the daily requirement for most of the following vitamins and minerals. Look for vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K. Minerals should include calcium, phosphorous, potassium, iron, zinc, magnesium, selenium, and copper. You want to find these possibly combined with amino acids, antioxidants and herbs in a blend that provides above and beyond your daily requirements.

All of the ingredients of course must be all natural. Make sure your choice of a supplement is free from any dyes, allergens and artificial preservatives. Many supplements contain additives that supposedly are required to increase effectiveness. Obviously, all natural health supplements should contain no additives that are not intended to be absorbed by the body.

You can live a healthier, fuller and better life by carefully choosing the correct all natural health supplements. Not only will you feel better, your body will be better prepared to ward off illness.

As with most things in life, I could do more. I could exercise every day. I could give up meat entirely or go vegan. (In theory. I love cheese and yoghurt too much to seriously contemplate the latter.) Finally give blood, as it has been my goal for so long. I love detox drinks too which I am passionate about a lot. You can read this amazing guide on detox drinks for weed at .

But I’m happy.

What’s right for me and my body may not be right for anybody else.

I’m one of those hateful thin people who can eat whatever she wants, so weight loss has never been a tangible motivator for me. (Apparently it’s okay for people to yell backhanded compliments at me while I’m out pounding the pavement.) I’m still yet to achieve my goal of giving blood because of my weight. So it’s got to be all me, all internally driven.

I run to tone up and because somewhere along the way, I realised that between the panting, air-sucking and burning in my lungs, sweating it out physically felt good. I’m not saying it’s easy. But it’s worth it.

Maybe I’m not a serious runner in some eyes because I can wear $20 Warehouse trainers and get away with it, and sometimes I only head out for a 15-minute jog. I’m okay with that – with admitting I really have no motivation to get my sweat on more often.

I eat dessert almost every single day. And I usually have home-baked something or other for a snack at work. I still, more often than not, fail to make 5+ a day. I don’t like very many fruits and I prefer my vegetables cooked – and I need my carbs in order to keep my ridiculously fast metabolism up so I’m not scrounging around for more food every half hour. I’ve learned to like greens about 1000 times more than I did two years ago, but plant matter alone inevitably leaves me feeling hollow before long.

Right now, this is my life. This is what my balance looks like.

10 thoughts on “Finding your healthy balance

  • Reply addvodka February 15, 2012 at 17:15

    I’m pretty jealous of your balance. I have none – I throw all my energies into one project, cause, or thing, and end up being consumed by it until I get bored or hit a roadblock. Boo!

  • Reply untemplater February 15, 2012 at 20:35

    I can relate to a lot of what you said in this post! I have a lot of the same eating habits along with a high metabolism. I think I crave carbs more than sugary sweets though! I don’t know what I’d do if I ever had to give up pasta lol. My friends hate it that I can eat a lot of carbs. -Sydney

  • Reply Two Degrees February 16, 2012 at 06:23

    Zumba is fun! I’ve only been once and would like to get back into it. I’ll be off to a small town for the next four months. Perhaps I’ll make it my goal when I come back to Toronto.

    We’re also a family of shrews – small and thin tiny women who are always eating!! Since dating my BF, I’ve really cut back on the sugar. Unfortunately, being at home means that I have direct access to cookies and chocolates that Gramma always has on hand. I tend to turn down desserts now.

  • Reply simpleislandliving February 16, 2012 at 13:11

    I like this post. I’m pretty down today, been curled up in bed most of the day…and this has inspired me to try to rebalance my life. Thanks!

  • Reply krantcents February 16, 2012 at 14:12

    You are not as unique as you think. Under normal conditions, I can eat whatever I want because I exercise enough to burn the calories. I do not walk to work, but I stay active by standing and moving 5 hours a day. I exercise every weekend bicycling and weight lifting.

    • Reply eemusings February 16, 2012 at 14:49

      I spent years not exercising and still didn’t gain anything. I’ve been the same weight, more or less, since my early teens.

  • Reply SP February 16, 2012 at 18:00

    Yes, I don’t really gain weight easily either. I do eat more when I exercise, because I’m hungrier. But my weight has never been much of a motivator.

    I love running. I try to get more veggies. But I just don’t stress too much about it.

  • Reply Ms Life February 16, 2012 at 22:48

    I have no problem with my weight either and eat anything I want when I want. I take after my mother’s side. Funny enough, people usually assume that I am fit, but they could not be further from the truth. I thank my genes!

    • Reply eemusings February 17, 2012 at 09:15

      So true – small/skinny does not always equal fit.

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