Link love (Powered by the blahs, but also, ample blogspiration)

Winter has officially swept into town. Boots. Scarves. Stockings. They’re all in, and my sandals and thin cardigans are out.

This is our first winter in our current house and I can see my breath in the mornings in our bedroom. Fortunately, it doesn’t seem to be damp and the kitchen gets a lovely ray of sunlight in which I bask while eating my toast. It’s quite pleasant, really.

This week’s links

On my Tumblr: Don’t be one of THOSE comms/PR people. Or we can’t be friends anymore.

Hannah Katy dishes out some tough talk on making a difference in the world.

10 reasons NOT to trust dudes with finance degrees, via Ms Career Girl.

Can you really pull yourself up by the bootstraps? 20s Finances tackles a touchy topic on the Yakezie blog.

Cassie at Digging Out and Up lists all the things she could buy if she didn’t save.

Mmmm. Lemon + blueberry + yoghurt + loaf = a recipe I must try. Via These Little Moments.

Two Degrees shares some of her personal blind spots.

Zen Habits on how to be happy. Word.

Like Cait at Stratejoy, I’ll admit to at least a partial belief in manifesting. I definitely don’t think positive thinking and visualising desired outcomes can ever be a bad thing.

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  • Reply Cassie May 12, 2012 at 16:04

    Thanks for the link love EE 🙂

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