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A while ago, a 40th birthday was celebrated at my company. The birthday belonged to a man. There was hoopla, and a huge birthday card, with plenty of jokes scribbled inside joking about him now being ‘past it’ and so forth.

You would NEVER see the same happen for a woman. Age is never celebrated in the same way, if at all, when you’re female.

Speaking of which, the big news this week was Marissa Mayer becoming CEO of Yahoo, spawning an interesting Penelope Trunk take in defense of stay home parents arguing that this proves women cannot have it all


Blog Zombie makes the case for arrogance (within reason)

Shannon’s post on keeping up with the Joneses of Pinterest cracked me up

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Finally, thanks to The Ultimate Juggle for hosting the latest Yakezie carnival, featuring my post about QR codes on vending machines

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