Link love (Powered by custard pies and strawberry milk)

I remember taping songs off the radio. I remember scouring the early internet for codecs to get Windows Media Player to play MP3s, and struggling to bend RealPlayer to my whims. I remember when my phone had Bluetooth and infrared and both seemed so foreign and cutting edge.

That was 10 years ago.

This week, we plugged our hard drive into a PS3 to transfer files. We also played movies on a laptop, movies stored on an external hard drive. And we played the sound through a separate audio dock wirelessly using Bluetooth.

Technology is a wondrous thing.

This week’s links:

Suburban Sweetheart’s raw and honest post about her college experience is incredibly moving.

Amanda Lee, who lost her mother to cancer, explains her beef with  breast cancer awareness campaigns.

Loved this Brazen Careerist post: Things you should never say to someone who works from home.

I can vouch for Tripit, but now thanks to Yes and Yes I have all these other travel apps and sites I need to bookmark.

Here are some handy tools to make you more efficient with social media, via Grow.

I recently toyed with the idea of starting a Tumblr devoted to the terrible press releases and pitches I get, but decided I didn’t want to devote any more of my time to those, even for entertainment. Here, Grace Boyle shares some of the doozies she’s received.

Lastly, I’m also in this week’s carnival of financial camaraderie talking about hybrid cars.

Happy weekends, all!

2 thoughts on “Link love (Powered by custard pies and strawberry milk)

  • Reply amandalee November 4, 2012 at 14:57

    Wow, thank you for the link! I really love your blog!

  • Reply Grace Boyle (@gracekboyle) November 5, 2012 at 08:12

    Thanks for the link love 🙂 It was almost tough to write since there are so many great ones AND poor ones. But I hope it’s helpful. I save each one that I get in a folder so it’s easy to resurface 😉

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