Link love (Powered by mochachinos and Coldplay)

  • It must be bloody near impossible to study when you have a kid. Infinitely more so as a single parent.
  • It must be incredibly hard, and lonely, to study in a new country where the main language is not your mother tongue.
  • Foreign students often seem to want companionship just as much as the tutoring.
  • In helping to edit/proof their work, am I doing them a long-term disservice? If they can’t write coherent reports now, how will they manage out in the real world?

In other news, I was offered free passes to Coldplay tonight – so that’s where I’ll be spending my Saturday! A free show is hard to say no to, and I imagine there’ll be enough songs to sing along to at this particular concert to make it worth the while.

Blast from the past:

One year ago, we moved house.

Two years ago, I talked about why running is the only form of exercise that I get along with, what it’s like being a woman in publishing, our car history, and the evergreen NZ vs Australia debate.

Three years ago, I broke down what my degree cost me and my most frugal/splurgey habits.

This week’s links:

Berrak has a rather lovely post on friendship in your 20s.

Amy reflects on how she’s often surprised when other people actually like her. Me too. Me too.

Linda details the savings to be had with a Prius.

Paula explains why she’s a fan of knocking out big financial goals one at a time, rather than chipping away at them incrementally.

Leslie wonders whether goals are really necessary in order to succeed.

Carol Tice makes the case for raising your rates right now.

Alison Green (aka Ask A Manager) lists six things to think about before a job interview.

Alexis Grant explains how to use Facebook groups as part of your social media strategy.

Finally, thanks to Femme Frugality, who hosted the latest Lifestyle Carnival, including my review of The Conservatory at Wynyard Quarter, and new carnival The Money Mail, complete with my ramblings on online shopping in New Zealand.

Happy weekends, all!


5 thoughts on “Link love (Powered by mochachinos and Coldplay)

  • Reply femmefrugality November 10, 2012 at 18:19

    Love the blast from the past idea! It is incredibly hard to study when you have a kid…I’m so grateful for baby-sitters! I don’t think you’re doing those students a disservice at all. The people who ghost write papers for them…that’s a disservice.

    Thanks for the mention! Really enjoyed hosting. 🙂

  • Reply Linda November 11, 2012 at 05:21

    Oooo! Coldplay must have put on a great concert!

    I’ll second Femmefrugality on the blast from the past idea. I enjoyed reading those older posts and getting to know more about what was going on in your past writings. It helps us readers connect with you more and boosts visits, too, I bet!

    You have some great blogs linked above, too. I started reading Ask a Manager after you mentioned it on a previous post and I may just have to add a few of the others, as well. Thanks for the link to my Prius post. Sounds like you’ve had reason to think about cars quite a bit, too. Hope you’ve finally gotten a good one.

  • Reply affordanything November 12, 2012 at 10:01

    Thanks for recommending my post!

  • Reply cantaloupe November 12, 2012 at 16:13

    I tutor this one girl who clearly just loves the companionship. Like she legit loves me, while to me it’s like, this is a job. As for editing their work, meh. If they don’t have the drive to do it by themselves, they won’t ever do it, really. Plus they might learn from it. I know that I learned a lot from my teacher’s extensive commentary on my papers, so why mightn’t they from mine?

  • Reply BerrakDC November 14, 2012 at 13:41

    I’m catching up – thanks so much for including my post in your recommendations!

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