Link love (Powered by tacos and red rocks)

Holla! In less than two weeks I’ll be home, a fact I can’t quite get my head around. I haven’t even begun to recap any of our American adventures!

In lieu, I offer you some choice reading material. You’re welcome.

Here is what it takes to live a truly offline life today (slightly off topic: I’ve been watching The Newsroom and Scandal on delay over this trip, and eerily, saw the government spying episode just as all the NSA stuff was happening, and Genova just as the Syria chemical weapon stuff was happening)

Geek in Heels ponders the concept that all parents screw up their kids in one way or another

I think most women would be lying if they didn’t wish they were a little more ‘beautiful’, so I adored this post on the conflict that comes with being a smart girl rather than a great beauty

Another post that really resonated with me is about outgrowing a passion. Like Rachel, when I was a teen music was such an integral part of my life, and I used to want to be a music writer myself

Penelope Trunk makes a few assertions about Asperger’s in this piece, but I can’t help but think her conclusion applies to most of us: find a life partner, and find a job

The best thing about getting older: curating your life, according to Live It Love It

Date a man who asks your opinion, says NYC Love Addict

In the same vein: date a female personal finance blogger, writes Cait

Nicole and Maggie want to know: do you miss anything from high school?

Landing Standing has a few top tips for booking short stay apartments when travelling

I nearly died laughing reading Asian Pear’s recounting of a few choice conversations with her parents

Ashley talks us through how to do stuff alone

Not everything you do for fun has to be turned into a business, as Leslie points out

What would you think if you met me for the first time? Berrak says odds are you might not like her all that much

As Her Every Cent Counts points out, it’s tricky to navigate the career waters when you don’t know who to turn to for personalised advice

Finally, you need to read this letter – it’s beautiful, and full of hope for the future, and oh so wise

Happy weekends!

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  • Reply Nicoleandmaggie October 27, 2013 at 02:07

    Thanks for the link! Great lineup this week–has me laughing!

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