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Short and sweet today. I’ve been interviewed over at The Marriage Project reflecting on life as a newlywed, and guest posted on Financial Samurai about my entire RTW experience – from how we decided to go, what it was really like on a daily basis, and wrapping up my thoughts on the journey now that we’re home.

(Hi, new visitors! It’s nice to have you here – stay awhile, won’t you? Read more about me, check out some of my top posts, dig a bit deeper into the RTW stuff or just poke around at your leisure.)

This week’s links:

Broke Millennial ponders the financial ramifications of a quarterlife crisis

Money Life and More is talking about expenses our parents never had to deal with

So true. When it comes to money, there’s always SOMETHING

Stephany lifts the lid on her debt and commits to decimating it. Let’s give her some props (and maybe recommendations for other inspiring PF bloggers in the same boat!)

Dinner:  A Love Story whips up some restaurant-worthy carbonara

Makin’ the Bacon reckons making friends is just like dating

20 Years Hence are entering the next phase in their RTW journey, as detailed in this thoughtful post

Marginal Boundaries reflects on living abroad and finding love and enlightenment

How novel – a dude who pushed his fiancee to keep her surname. Progress indeed. And how’s this for a zinger halfway through the story: “Liz also enjoys pole dancing. The couple have a pole in their living room so sometimes she will do a routine while Joseph watches as he cooks a meal.”

Lastly, my pick from A Practical Wedding this week is the spectacular Leaving and looking in the same direction. I can so relate to the dawning realisation that no matter how long and how intensely you’ve known your partner, you can never really *know* another human being; the contemplating how things might be easier if you weren’t together – because even when you’ve knowingly chosen a life together and committed to the hard parts, sometimes you still wonder ‘what if’.

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