A day in my life (one of the more interesting ones)

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Honestly, a typical day in my life would be pretty boring. Get up, go to work, sit at my desk for 8 hours writing and editing, maybe a short break for cakes and other goodies from the ladies on our food mag, come home, blog/read/watch TV and sleep.

Some days are a bit more interesting. Behold:

7.30:  Up early  as I actually have to be at work at 9am today, so no catching the later bus as I usually do. Wolf down a bowl of cereal. Get dressed and head to the bus stop about 8.

a day in the life nzmuse

It’s cold and windy – almost coat weather! I regret not taking my outfit photo indoors. This is one of my favourite dresses, I believe it was a Target find in the US – and my power shoes. This is about as dressy as I get, but because I have a fancy lunch to go to I’m making the effort.

a day in the life nzmuse

I’m glad I stashed tissues in my bag before leaving; with the drop in temperatures my nose is dripping like a leaking tap. But we’ll wait and see – the sun might come out and turn the day sweltering (by Auckland standards) in minutes, like it has the last few afternoons.

8.45am: Traffic is horrendous. Finally get off the bus, commence walk to the office. This is my favourite part of the journey.

a day in the life nzmuse

8.50am: Deal to important emails. Check scheduled tweets for the day, and check site traffic. We had a big story preset to publish first thing this morning. Embargoes are a pain but this company wanted Techcrunch to break their news in US time. It’s happening more often – NZ tech startups that are truly international are giving stories to Silicon Valley media first, which I understand even if I don’t like it.

a day in the life nzmuse

9am: Down to the photography studio to assist on this photo shoot. Turns out I didn’t have to worry about being on time, since our art director doesn’t turn up for a little while. I notice one designer still hasn’t sent stuff over as he promised (sigh) but it’s okay, we have plenty of stuff to work with anyway. I had a feeling about him!

a day in the life nzmuse

Between 9am and 11.30am: Bounce back and forth between studio and my desk upstairs – fetching stuff, packing and unpacking stuff, checking emails, etc.

a day in the life nzmuse

11.45am: Hop in a taxi and head into the CBD. Have an interesting chat with the driver about our experiences of racism in NZ.

Noon: Arrive at the Hilton for lunch. It’s mainly accounting types, and mostly pale males in suits. Sigh. It gets a little more interesting when somebody I interviewed last week arrives and we get to meet in person for the first time (Auckland is a sprawling city geographically but it’s tiny in that sense).

The dude across from me (from one of the Big 4 firms) actually utters the words “post-acquisition synergies” at one point. Take that corporate bullshit and choke on it. That moment aside though, lunch isn’t too bad overall – three course meal with decent food and amazing dessert, plus interesting speakers.

a day in the life nzmusea day in the life nzmuse

The bathroom is nice, too.

a day in the life nzmuse

3pm: I’m back in the office. Dash to check on emails and site traffic, then back down to see how the rest of the shoot went. Pack everything back up and lug the boxes over to dispatch to be returned. Photographer praises me for taking care of a thankless task – which it is, but it’s gotta be done, and that someone should probably be me since I’m responsible for coordinating the whole thing (and am the one who’ll be in trouble if anything happens to the products). If only we had any interns right now …

4pm: Clear emails, take care of some admin. Make sure things are lined up for two interviews I’m doing tomorrow. Publish a couple of stories (preloaded interview, a couple of syndicated posts).

5.15pm: Leave work and head to the bus stop. Go back and forth about my plan to go donate blood for the first time – I just had a flu shot this week, will that matter? Decide even if I get turned away, I only have a 15 minute walk home from the venue.

6pm: Find a whole ton of people at the church where NZ Blood has set up for the day. Fill in some forms and wait. They eventually test me for iron levels (I was a bit worried about this – mine have always been low, but apparently I pass muster) and ask if I’m over 50kg (I was at the time of my last medical appointment – I don’t own a scale).

When I finally hop into the chair, they have some trouble finding my vein. That initial prick of the needle is sharp but bearable, no worse than the anaesthetic injection I had when I got my wisdom teeth out.

a day in the life nzmuse

7pm: After some water and chocolate biscuits, I’m off. As I walk through New Lynn, a guy calls out my name. I think fast – I don’t recognise him, but upon a second look (I’m terrible with faces) thankfully I remember who is he, despite his totally new hair.  We used to work at the same company and  always got along well. We talked for probably at least 15 minutes on the footpath and could’ve gone longer. 

8pm: Home! T’s still out (we talked briefly on the phone earlier) but thanks to my huge lunch and the biscuits I’m not ravenous like I normally am. Have a quick shower then call him again. Turns out he already made dinner and it’s in the microwave. Score. It’s almost 9pm by now, which is insanely late to eat, but it’s actually  the second day in a row this has happened – yesterday I was in town catching up with a friend over drinks and nibbles.

10pm:  Catch up on some blogs in Feedly and some of my regular reads through Flipboard. Start a new book and get through a couple of chapters.

a day in the life nzmuse

11pm: Lights out.

11 thoughts on “A day in my life (one of the more interesting ones)

  • Reply SavvyFinancialLatina April 11, 2014 at 01:45

    Sounds like a busy day! Lately I’ve been getting to bed earlier. I’m in bed by 10 pm.

  • Reply E.M. April 11, 2014 at 02:20

    I love hearing about other people’s days. Your dress looks really pretty! A lot of my veins collapsed when I was younger due to hospital stays, so there’s always trouble finding them. I never look forward to getting pricked. We have been eating dinner later, too. Not the best thing but at least we aren’t going to bed hungry.

  • Reply Quinn April 11, 2014 at 03:46

    That’s interesting about the local startup giving Techcrunch the exclusive on breaking news — makes sense, I suppose. I’d be curious to know what the announcement was!

    • Reply eemusings April 11, 2014 at 08:26

      Big capital raise round – major coup for the company. Most of our tech startups have most of their customer bases overseas, often in the US, so…

  • Reply The Asian Pear April 12, 2014 at 02:20

    Wow. I always wondered what the life of a journalist would look like (briefly considered it as a career in my youth.) NEAT! 😀 My job is more like staring at the computer all day…

    • Reply eemusings April 12, 2014 at 11:31

      That’s usually my average day, but days like this break it up and are pretty fun 🙂

  • Reply Erin @ My Alternate Life April 12, 2014 at 09:33

    Wow, busy day! My work days aren’t nearly that exciting, but my day off is awesome. We spend a lot of time eating, drinking, and exploring the city. Better yet, my day off is on Mondays, and it’s pretty cool that my favorite day is most people’s least favorite day!

  • Reply Aisling April 13, 2014 at 19:04

    England is in that awkward in-between too-cold-sometimes-warm season right now too. I’ve been spending more time sniffling in a cardigan than I’d like to admit, lately!

    Your job seems really interesting! And I am very jealous of your fancy lunch.

  • Reply Manda April 14, 2014 at 02:10

    That work lunch looks/sounds delicious. I occasionally had lunches like that at my old job and sometimes I miss being all fancy 😛

    Your photos about giving blood remind me that I need to do that! I’m always blacklisted for traveling to one country or another but I think I’m finally in the clear so I need to donate before I go off an another exotic adventure again.

  • Reply debt debs April 15, 2014 at 23:31

    Glad you didn’t pass out after giving blood! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Reply Becster April 20, 2014 at 09:51

    Came by via Manda’s link up. Wow busy day for you today! Your dress looks amazing – love purple! Just FYI not all accountants are boring pale men in suits! There are the occasional few boring pale women in suits variety (me!)! I’m not corporate but I’ve heard the “post acquisition synergies” phrase before! And I actually know what it means which surprises me further!

    Good on you for giving blood! That’s something I’ve never done but really should consider.

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