Hustle vs flow: The fine line between beasting it and BS

Maybe it’s something to do with hitting the late 20s, but lately I (and seemingly the majority of those around me) have been getting deep into personal growth and the power of mindset. Adjusting how we think on a very deep level and rewriting the stories we tell ourselves.

I have never really been one to read books that fall under the self help, personal development umbrella. But at this stage in life, they are SPEAKING to me.

Most recently, I tore through Jen Sincero’s books You Are A Badass / You Are A Badass At Making Money.

None of this is new stuff, obviously:  committing every fibre of yourself to a goal, being utterly convinced that you will achieve it, seeing it through.

Where I do take pause, however, is when we get to the topic of money.

It’s one thing to commit to a big hairy financial goal – whether that’s smashing your debt, earning six figures, starting a business, buying that house/car/designer item.

Sometimes you do need to invest in yourself. Sometimes stretching yourself IS the push you need to commit to a path.

But it’s about calculated risks, not blind leaps.

The idea that sometimes comes through in this space of doing whatever it takes now – even if that means going into serious debt – in pursuit of your grand vision? I am not at all down with the concept of spending the money now and manifesting (aka figuring it out) it all back later. Borrowing money blindly – NOPE.

I’m all for taking leaps of faith. Nothing is ever 100% in this life. The two biggest financial decisions I’ve ever made were not watertight.

The thing is: I had a plan, was most of the way there, and it worked out just right.

You don’t necessarily need every single piece of the plan locked and loaded right now. But don’t fall into the trap of magical thinking.

Visualise your dream life, sure. Do what you can now to start getting into that frame of mind, and take what steps you can toward living that life now. Just don’t overextend and commit to funding things now that you can’t yet afford.

Having the right mindset goes a LONG way … but ultimately there’s no substitute for doing the work.

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