You can be grateful for what you have … AND strive for more

gratitude vs ASPIRATION


Let me guess. Everything you’ve heard or read about getting through this goddamn pandemic involves practicing GRATITUDE.

Gratitude is great

Yes, there’s a lot to be said about taking the time to consciously feel grateful and appreciate what you have. Especially in these COVID times.

Even when it feels like it’s setting the bar pretty damn low to be grateful for fresh air and sunshine.

Sure, I have been taking time to appreciate the small things…

Sunny days, spring blossoms, being able to hold a conversation with Spud (game changer!) and see horses every day if I want. The pony club is a 5-minute walk away and it’s always a thrill to see the horses calmly grazing … or occasionally, out on the cycleway or on the road! The perks of living close to the countryside!

To find the silver linings…

Resources are being slashed, but I still have work, that I can do remotely, with the best team ever.

I’m under an immense amount of pressure, but I am a warrior.

These are all helpful actions to ground me and keep me from completely losing the plot.

AND I am striving for more at the same time

I have so much and I’m very grateful for it. And I also want more. I know that I deserve more.

I won’t get into details here, but there’s a huge area marked NEEDS IMPROVEMENT in my life. I get to set standards and I do not have to be satisfied with crumbs. I’m working to change that.

Gratitude alone won’t sustain us. You don’t have to be content with what you have now. You can still be grateful, and be working towards something better.

It doesn’t mean that you have to settle. You  don’t have to live with this forever. The status quo does not have to suffice if it is actually not enough.

You can still strive for more. You get to make that call.

Gratitude and striving for more are not incompatible.

One thought on “You can be grateful for what you have … AND strive for more

  • Reply Kristen | The Frugal Girl October 30, 2020 at 02:04

    I completely agree! So often people think that gratitude means you just go through life never making efforts to improve things.

    But I think gratitude helps your mental state so that you can be in better shape to improve things. If you are stuck in a, “woe is me!” mindset, it’s easy to feel stuck and powerless.

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