Is home ownership still the dream?

It is not beyond the realm of possibility that I currently live in a million-dollar home. 🤯

I remember finally being able to buy back in 2016, and that sense of elation. Even when the pace of growth/price rises slowed, and I admit to feeling a little nervous then, I never had any regrets at all.

The market is nuts here. For those who are in the position to buy, they’re often wondering if they should wait. It’s a question constantly coming up on Reddit. People have been saying the bubble will burst for YEARS. Yet if anything, the pandemic has just fueled the fire. 

If that’s you – if you’re wondering: should I rent or buy a house? – think about what really matters to you.


There’s a ton of personal and financial stability that often goes along with home ownership. A place to live where you can’t get easily kicked out, to raise your family and grow old. 


Privacy is one of the biggest perks of owning your own home. You get the privilege of controlling who and what enters and exists on your property. I do not miss inspections and feeling judged. Or any of the other misadventures I’ve had.


There’s a sense of pride in owning your own home. The sacrifices made to get that deposit together and qualify for a mortgage. 

Doing renovations, no matter how small or DIY. Crafting something for ourselves, not for any landlord.


While you might pay more towards a mortgage and upkeep, you also build equity – the value of a property minus what has been paid toward it.

Not that many people are a) committed to investing the money they save as a renter or b) actually able to save the difference, because rents are skyrocketing too – there just isn’t a gap to save/invest. 

A home or an investment?

I bought a house to live in. I anticipated it would also be a good investment, but that wasn’t the primary motivator. I can’t lie, I’ve been even more grateful for that choice and that privilege over the past 18 months. 

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