I love my job because…

Why I love my job

It’s hard to believe sometimes when you’re entrenched in the digital world, but not everyone hates their job and wants to quit.

So, inspired by KK, here’s what I love about my job:

I actually get to do what I love all day – write and edit. If I were freelance I would have to spend the majority of my time marketing. Ugh. 

(I can’t lie – when full-time freelancers I know post links to their projects, I click out of interest, and some of the work they do makes me wince. I get to write about  inspiring people and companies all day; the thought of doing marketing copy about curtains and joinery makes me die a little inside, even if that stuff commands a higher hourly rate. Of course, when you’re at the top of your game you get a lot more choice – I’m sure superstar designer Jessica Hische has her pick of projects – but that’s not the reality for most.)

I get to work autonomously. My days are mostly self-directed, which is freaking sweet. I always forget how rare this is when I talk to people who work at other organisations…

I work with cool people and in a reasonably nice environment. It ain’t Google or Facebook, but it’s not an underground bunker (as a colleague essentially described her former TV workplace).

I have flexibility. I occasionally work from home and I don’t have anyone breathing down my neck; we’re trusted to get the job done and things like the odd weekday appointment would not be a drama at all. I’m also not totally chained to my computer – I have occasion to get out of the office and mix things up.

I get a lot of random freebies. I’m not gonna lie, it’s a nice perk. Event invites, free lunches, vouchers, and all kinds of products.

I don’t suffer a terrible commute, nightmare coworkers or feeling stuck. (A lack of room to move up seems to be a common complaint out there, but in my field you don’t really move up, you just move around.) Really, my only complaint might be a lack of resourcing – but it’s hard to find someone who isn’t stretched these days. Oh, and you know, a little more money would never go amiss 🙂

I’ve been really fortunate so far despite graduating right into the GFC. Steadily employed, and in jobs that I like, to boot.

It’s easy to forget this – you do get complacent with anything good in life – but overall, I am stupidly lucky. With T on the job hunt, I’m extra aware of that right now.

15 thoughts on “I love my job because…

  1. 100% this. I may kvetch about the odd thing that’s annoying, or shout at my computer once in a while because c’mon, people! But in general? I’m super grateful for so much in my job. It’s only taken near 15 years getting to the point where I really generally enjoy everything I have to do, and the environment, and the people – and I’m reveling in it. It’s good for the soul to remember these things 🙂

  2. I love my job because…

    I have amazing coworkers who are like a second family to me.

    I have lots of flexibility when it comes to appointments and taking time off in lieu of overtime and etc.

    The organization I work for is making a real change in the community and it feels good to go home every day knowing my work contributes to that.

  3. Those are some nice perks! I love my job for being flexible, wearing what I want, getting to have massages as part of the health package and having a training budget! For a nonprofit, that is IMPRESSIVE.

  4. 🙂 I am starting to love parts of my new job, but I have to say I loved my last job more still. We are lucky to have the luxury to hope to love our jobs!

  5. WOW, it’s super great to read, that you do and like what you do!
    Keep up the good work, and enjoy every moment of it.

  6. I love this post – it’s so positive! There are pros and cons to my job, but a few reasons I love it are the pay and benefits, and vacation time particularly. I also like taking on new challenges and working with some great people. I would love to get some freebies, but I’m not in the right field for it at all 🙂

  7. Your job sounds so awesome, and what great flexibility! It’s nice to hear people be grateful and appreciative of their job, instead of vice versa. 🙂

  8. I used to love my job lots. I’m liking it less and less but I think it’s because I know I need it and don’t have a lot of choices right now. Plus I’m looking towards the home stretch towards retirement – about 7+ years to go, unless I decide to work to 65 but I don’t think I have it in me. The economy and financial stresses on my company make it less of a fun place to work as well. Oh well… will try to be optimistic and do the right thing.

  9. Great reasons to love a job! I love mine because of the paycheck (obviously), the benefits, perks, flexibility, and coworkers. While self employment is my eventual dream, all of the great features of my current 9-5 are going to make it hard to leave.

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