Confessions: some facts about me that might surprise you

confession time


I am a Cancer. It absolutely sums up my personality.

I am an ISFJ. Also eerily accurate.

I am a dragon. Growing into this – I never at all identified with it, but I’m now stepping up into some of these traits. Especially in 2024, the year of the dragon.

Over the past few years I’ve experienced and become an advocate for many body-based practices, methods, and modalities. I can personally vouch forĀ somatic therapy, EFT tapping, hypnosis, and Emotion Codes.

When you run up against the limit of what you can achieve working on the mental and cognitive level – just look over the wall (or more accurately, below the neck) and explore what’s stored in your body.

Get out of your head and into your body.

I use tapping (which is based around acupressure points) multiple times a week to work through triggers, tough emotions, or just to recentre and calm myself. I also run through energy centre (chakra) breathing most days, and can literally feel the thrum and tingle of energy moving upward as I do.

Energy matters. I’ve seen this first hand, over and over. Witnessed the difference that acting from clear, strong, high energy makes.

While I consider myself a bit of a skeptic by nature, I cannot deny what I’ve experienced, and nor do I want to. I’m grounded AND I’m spiritual.

Where I’m going from here…

The how, I haven’t quite grasped. Maybe getting my head around it requires getting deeper into physics.

I believe, I trust, and I know, and yet I’d also love a concrete, tangible explanation for how it all works.

The idea of actions resulting in equal and opposing reactions – which we see play out everyday in interactions with other people and how we communicate.

The idea that by taking certain actions, we open up more possibilities and increase the odds of success along those branches, while cutting off other probabilities. (For this one, check out the book Living in Flow.)

The idea of a straight line not always being the quickest route; see this piece. (The analogy of heavy traffic making a zigzag route faster than a linear makes total sense, at least).

Why do I even care?

We’re all made of matter. How matter functions therefore, well, matters.

In my experience, the universe tends to behave in certain ways, seemingly responding (and yes, there is also much that’s random in life too) to how I think, feel, and act.

Giving to receive.

Detaching and surrendering to let in.

Energy makes a difference. Those invisible dynamics matter.

Physics, perhaps, can offer an explanation for some of these things.

Or, maybe I can simply trust in my experience, lean into the invisible, and embrace the practical magic.

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