Screw the shoulds

screw the shoulds


“You should’ve gone out with him when you had the chance.”

So said my friend, back when we were awkward pre-teens trying to figure it all out.

The gentle nerd with the soft eyes, big glasses and floppy hair was suddenly cool (I couldn’t work it out – why?) and she thought I’d missed the boat.

But, no.

As lovely as he was, I didn’t want the chance in the first place.

You can’t fake something you’re not into.

You can’t be swayed by what others think.

You can’t go far if your heart’s not truly in it.

Fuck the shoulds, the noise, the chatter, the buzz.

Trust your Knowing, as Glennon Doyle says.

Follow what feels light, bright, and expansive. Move towards it and don’t look back.

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