Thoughts about Twilight

it really bites to have a book you love continue, as a series, and watch it go downhill.

i heard about the twilight series pretty late, long after they’d been rereleased with their pretty new covers and stephenie meyer’s name was getting big. i remember loading a story about her from the HoS and the name vaguely sticking with me. then one day i was in whitcoulls browsing, waiting for the hour when my bus would come. i spotted a book with a black cover, a girl’s hands holding a red apple, titled twilight.

so i picked it up, realising it was the book from the article, and flipped through…read a few pages, not particularly expecting much, and was hooked. not that that says much, everyone who knows me knows i have somewhat unsophisticated literary tastes. but from that day anytime i had a spare half hour or so i popped into the store and read a bit of the book. i made it all the way through to breaking dawn, which i’ve nearly finished.

the series has its faults. the description is at times laborious and unoriginal. but as i’m a skimreader i normally glide over those parts anyway. her writing from other viewpoints isn’t all that great. i really didn’t like the sections told by jacob, ie, a huge chunk of breaking dawn.

as the series got more fantastical and far fetched, i started to like it less, but i had to keep reading. knowing there were more books meant i had to read them ALL, no matter what.

i’m not sure what it is exactly about the series. i guess i’m just a hopeless romantic. although personally i would have gone with jacob, the much more earthy, fierce choice. i could never understand exactly why bella liked the whole cold, hard, pale thing in edward.

for a couple who were mean to have this deep undying love for each other, it seemed pretty shallow at times. all she ever said was about how impossibly beautiful he was. that and the fact that he was far far too good for her, and she could never understand why he was with her.

the secondary characters are really something, i’m envious of their powers. that’s probably the other thing – they seem to be the family i would love to have, freakishly enough.

as for my other favourite books, new jess darling book out soon! we shall see what happens with her and marcus.

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  • Reply Red February 9, 2010 at 15:53

    Ha! I was obsessed with Twilight once the movie came out, and all my friends were reading them. I finished the series in two weeks, and now I’m STILL (a year later!) waiting on my friends to finish Breaking Dawn so we can talk about it.

    You’re right about it being shallow. But I really liked reading it from Jacob’s view in Breaking Dawn because I was getting pretty pissed about how naive Bella was being about the pregnancy. So it was nice to read his thoughts because they were more in line with my own.

    Reading the books, I was Team Edward. Watching the movies, I am 100% Team Jacob. Taylor totally brought that character to life. I loved New Moon. <3

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