Restaurants and the web

I really wish that all restaurants had their own websites. Come on, get with it! And if not at least put some info up on menumania or dineout. I’m one of those reconnaissance freaks who likes to know every single thing about a place before deciding to eat there. I want to know where you are, preferably with a map – I like to know exactly where I’m going. I want a menu, I like to get an idea of exactly what the food’s like. And what the prices are.

These days it’s almost a crime to not have at least a basic webpage, IMO. All the sort of larger, better places do – it’s the ethnic ones that often don’t (pity, as those are the ones we like to try)

2 thoughts on “Restaurants and the web

  • Reply Scott Mahler November 14, 2008 at 22:46

    I totally agree. In fact, I wrote a blog today at http://www.datexmedia.wordpress.com about how important websites were to any company. One of the top reasons I give is how much more convenient it is for their clients. Keep sharing your thoughts; I’m sure you’re finding many people who feel the same way.

  • Reply eemusings November 14, 2008 at 23:19

    Absolutely, in this day and age it’s so important to keep up with technology, not having a company site is like not having a business card, almost. I’m thinking I’d like to get into online journalism and it’s really made me realise how much I’ve fallen behind the last few years not keeping up with stuff like social media and del.i.cious, etc (partly why I decided to start a proper blog, if only for myself!)

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