What a day

What a day…at least it went by fast. Paid the power bill, deposited money, got a new eftpos card, booked an appointment and looked at sunglasses and tights. It was just one of those days where everything just kept coming, and I didn’t even think about lunch until 1pm. I’m enjoying work less and less, and secondguessing myself at every turn. Having doubts about my story ideas and struggling with the writing.

I always thought that the minimum wage was just that – a minimum wage – But apparently there is such a thing as a minimum TRAINING wage. Not the new entrants wage, although I think they may be the same rates. The training wage is for those in recognised study doing over 60 credits a year; namely, apprentice wages. It amounts to about $320 aftex tax. Would it be worth it to almost halve your pay for three or so years to get qualified? That’s a big ouch, and not a decision to make lightly.

I’m anticipating exam results tomorrow, with a small butterfly or two in my stomach. After tomorrow I’ll have a better idea of what lies in store for me next year. If i don’t get it I would seriously consider just working fulltime. (Although I did say that before really getting into the swing of working at the magazines, so may have to retract that.) Probably the biggest reason to stop me wouldn’t be the whole giving up before getting the degree with just one year to go (can you tell i’m a bit burnt out?) but the fact that I’ve got the scholarship so why not make the most of it? i’d feel guilty having used two years of it and not completing my degree, when someone could have made real use of it.

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