Post Christmas wind down

I’m pretty stoked!

Boxing Day was a success.

My lovely mum gave me $100 for a DVD player (in an envelope on which she taped numerous ads for DVD players), so we went forth and conquered. I’ve always been taught that Sony is the shiz for electronics and we got a shiny new black Sony player from Hill and Stewart (oh it’s beautiful, sleek and streamlined and sexy). It was one of those deals – sign said $84 but please negotiate at counter. The boy said $70. They said $78. Okay, whatever. Still almost 20% off the original price (97).

We bought the boy some fishing hooks for his trip today, and two beach towels for $8 at Bed Bath and Beyond. I didn’t make it to the Warehouse until today. So I didn’t get the bras I wanted (no special today) or pillows. But I did head over to Valleygirl where I got two pairs of dress pants (black and grey) for 10 and 15 each. And I spoke up! One of them was coming through at $20 but I said it had come from the $15 rack, and I got it for $15. Big, big milestone for me. I’m a chicken. I wouldn’t have negotiated the DVD player price.

Pants never fit me perfectly, and neither do these. They look great around the butt. They’re a bit too straight (not even sure if they are straight or bootcut? I wanted slight flare) but look good otherwise and are almost the right length. A bit too low rise and am not far off the dreaded camel toe, but they’re comfy, feel nice and will do for the price. In fact they are the closest I’ve gotten even compared to pricier pants.

I did however get three bras from Real Me (random I know) for $10…they’re cute and comfy and will tide me over till I find the perfect bra! Now I just need new knickers..desperately. And a plain dress. and a long line cardi…

And I’m loving my bronze jandals! I’m living in them, in fact. Yay shopping!

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