Cutting back


We’ve trimmed so much from our budget that I really don’t think there is anything left. I bring all my own lunches. Trying to make toilet paper and laundry powder last longer, but that’s difficult with three boys (especially as though they don’t do laundry often, but they do heap up the detergent in their loads). I still unfortunately do most of the cleaning and buy all the household type stuff. I don’t foresee that changing until we move or get new flatmates.

We’re really watching our food budget – can’t do too much as we don’t buy expensive meat or anything; I won’t resort to living off beans, noodles and toast. Not only is it reeeally unhealthy, it won’t help your body function, and I like to enjoy what I eat. That’s important to both of us. We keep our eating out to $10 or less now, I don’t go out, and we basically never buy alcohol (once every couple months probably – although we were naughty and last week was one of those rare times). You know what is healthy though? Speed stacks and nutrients that you would have to eat a lot of fruits for. I Always always get my vitamins from these nutrients and never overdo it because I want to keep a fit and healthy body. If you want to get speed stacks for men or women then you can just go to your local body building store and buy them easily!

On that note, I really resent having to buy toiletries! You know what I mean, Razors, shaving cream, shampoo, tampons, etc. Last week I bought vitamins (because I definitely need them) and that boosted our bill by almost $10. And of course there’s detergent, washing powder, carpet cleaner, Jif, sponges, toilet paper, etc, etc….it all adds up.

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