We live across the road from the projects.

Okay, technically they’re not that bad. I mean, when I watched American Gangster, THOSE were the mean, rough projects. They were downright depressing. I felt dirty just watching them onscreen. They shouted poverty, misery and depression and filth. And drugs, of course, seeing as the movie was about a drug lord. It’s a bloody good movie, get it out if you haven’t seen it!

They may only be about five storeys high, but they epitomise ghetto. There are duplex state houses around the corner, big double storey weatherboard monstrosities (that have recently been tidied up and don’t look as shabby as they did). Or if we wanna get British, council flats is the word.

It makes me ashamed when people come around. I want them to drive down from the OTHER end of the street, the respectiable one, not through the ghetto where they’ll see the worst part of the area.

But we were househunting at the tightest point of the market, when supply was low and demand high. Places were going within hours of being advertised. And I had honestly given up the day before seeing this one. It’s not ideal, obviously, mainly in terms of location. But the house had a done up bathroom and huge kitchen and was close to shops and buses.

I would never buy in this part of our suburb, because I’d rather have a crapper house in a nicer street. See, I’m a lowly renter just out of my teens but even I know it’s all about location.

Me and a friend were walking home the other day and I pointed a massive house on her corner, which got us talking about people who build new. To be specific, a certain kind of person who builds ostentatious brick and tile/concrete mansions with say 5 bedrooms 4 bathrooms and a 6 car garage, usually in hideous shades of yellow or pink or other pastel hues. Right smack bang in the middle of a state housing pocket (ie Roskill).

They think it makes em look rich, but really it makes em look stupid! And frankly, it’s down right unsafe. Build the biggest house in an area like that and you’re asking to be burgled. I would not feel safe and no amount of ego boosting that might provide would make up for it.

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