Specimens of “humanity”

I thought I’d take this opportunity to reflect on certain people I’ve had the misfortune to come across in life. Misfortune, because they really are nasty, horrible, trollish little gnomes. And for no apparent reason.

One is a cousin of the boy’s, whom I first met while we were munching down at a food court. He certainly seemed like a douchebag that first time. “You speak good English!” Well yes, does that surprise you? Should all non white people be subservient, downtrodden servantly types who bow to their masters and call them sir in broken English?

He rocked up at this year’s Christmas do, too. After ribbing the boy about this age, he turned to look at me and said “so how old is she now?” Not towards me, I mean, I was right there in his line of vision. Nooo, he said this as an aside to the boy and his mum. He then looked over at V and her baby (the boy’ s nephew) and said the same thing. Now, he was looking at the baby, so we all rushed to correct him – “It’s a boy, not a girl!”

But no, he was referring to V – “that girl”, as he so graciously clarified. Who again, was sitting right there. Didn’t have the courtesy to introduce himself or get her name…just “So how old’s she?” and totally ignoring her existence as a person.

Then in came a little girl who looked about 14. No word as to who she was. We were left to assume they were ‘together’ if you get my drift, as she certainly wasn’t family.


Oooh yes, and person number two. I don’t know her name, actually – she was the gf of a guy from the boy’s company, and we were at their Christmas party. I have no idea why, but she really had it in for him. Now, this was the first time they’d met. There was no reason to be snarky at all. But she was a total bitch! She did not know him but took it upon herself to insult him at every turn. What’s worse, her bf (the coworker) did absolutely NOTHING to stop her or point out how goddamn rude and immature she was being. Nope, he just smiled and laughed along, brushing it off like a big joke.

She made snide comments all night and would take any opportunity to get a poke in at him. The one that stands out for me was after their company ‘awards’, some of which were serious like best worker, etc, and some were silly jokey ones.

Afterwards we stood around drinking and winding down. She actually goes, to his face “I’m surprised you didn’t get the Shrek award!!” EH????

To this day I’m still baffled and it still irks me. Plus, she was really ugly, the kind that dumb guys think is hot, but is really trashy and fake and is going to one day look like her tragic, saggy, alcoholic “watch me dance” mother. Who was also there. And is the boss’ wife. Yeah, it’s all very incestuous over there.

All the way home I was super tensed up. Like my body was itching for a fight, primitive instincts kicking in. I just wanted to go back and really let her have it. Of course, the boy was super cool and calm and got in the last word before we left (something about needing therapy). I’m so proud of him.

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