Do you ever mentally assign a name to someone you don’t know?

For example, someone at work you’ve never spoken to but often see around. And whether it’s from things you’ve picked up or no reason at all, you start to associate them with a name and think of them by that name in your head. And often eventually get confused as to whether it is their real name or not.Kind of like dreams…or maybe it’s just me. Often I dream silly, mundane little things (like, about buying something or doing the laundry, or having a conversation…) and then think I actually did them in real life.

There was a man at work I often got talking to in the lunchroom, and for some reason I thought he was Simon. One day I emailed him and got a huge surprise when a totally different man came up to my desk. That was a bit awkward.

When I lived in New Lynn I used to often see a woman on the bus to/from town…she must have worked the exact same hours as me. And again I came to think of her as Susannah….why? Who knows.  I actually thought she used to work in our office then left….but now I think ithat may also haev been a figmen of my overactive imagination.

Is it just me that does this??

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