Beauty roundup

Hisysfit Saving Face – 2/5


Disappointing. Hailed as a 3 in 1, tinted moisturising sunscreen, it fails on 2 out of 3 counts.

I was really excited to try this out, thinking it would save my summer skin routine! Let’s start with the good. It’s an excellent sunblock. It’s super dry (I have never found a sunscreen that wasn’t greasy or goopy, which i can’t tolerate on my face!) and fairly thin as a liquid. However, it’s dry to the point it’s impossible to rub in. I blended it in as best as possible but still looked chalky, although it evened out my skin nicely.

I don’t know what was up with the moisturising properties promised. My oily, sensitive skin was barely quenched by this (I almost applied a layer of moisturiser over this, but decided against). I can only imagine what normal or dry skin would feel like. Definitely do not use as a moisturiser alone.

I don’t know how it evened out my complexion (maybe the white ghostly layer simply masked my imperfections?) but I saw NO sign of the promised tint. Nada. Zip. Come on, the stuff came out of the tube almost pure white. If it really was tinted, there would be some hint of colour there. Blatant letdown.

Maybe I just got a bad tube. Gets two stars as I’ll kepe it around as a facial sunscreen – it did well on that count at least.

Revlon Mineral Makeup – 4/5


I’ve been using Loreal Bare Naturale, which has the brush built into the lid – it’s a mini kabuki and it’s quite big and a little stiff, making it somewhat unwieldy. The foundation is nice enough, good texture, good coverage, but I can’t really tell at the moment because it’s too light! It’s just a smidge too pale for my summer skin but the next step up was too dark. So I’ll write it up later in the year.

For now I have my Revlon mineral makeup, which I find easier to apply. The brush is inside the lid, and you have to twist it to bring it out to its full size/length. Yes it’s annoying, but you get used to it, and the brush is nice and small for my little elf hands – I actually have control over it, rather than vice versa. I get good coverage and a nice polished look, without being chalky. I guess the best way to describe it is, my skin looks much more evened out but not overly made up, and the powder formula keeps the oil at bay.

Estee Lauder Signature lipstick in Rich Red 4.5/5


Man, I love the sleek, slick and flashy sites that Clinique and Estee Lauder do (like, rolling your mouse over the different shades to see what the colours look like properly) but they are a PAIN to capture. You can’t save a pic, as the colours don’t come out. I had to screengrab this shot and edit it 🙂

I’m using this lipstick, and it’s a big departure for me. I wear glosses. In berry shades. My staple has been a random $4 NYX deep pink and Revlon Colorstay Gloss in some kinda red wine type shade.

So to have non sticky, non shiny lips is weird for me. Instead I have matte, creamy lips in a very vamp, movie star red. I always thought a red would suit my colouring, I’m pale with dark hair (very vampy) and tend to play up my lips as I have no eyelids or lashes to speak of. I like a strong lip with some black eyeliner.

I don’t know if I just need to get used to the texture and colour of this lipstick (it feels wonderful, goes on creamy and just the right amount, AND smells amazing). It’s a beautiful true red in the tube (blue based, of course, but still comes out so very properly red) and I’m just not used to a real red lip!

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