Back to work

Monday marks BF’s return to work.

Not too sure on the details, to be honest. He knows he starts at 7, and it’s going to be a quiet day to ease in. Should be a three month job. He should be working as a contractor, so who knows what’s happening with taxes and forms and whatnot. Sis’s partner is the one working with him, so should be able to guide him – failing that well my mother is an accountant and so are some other friends’ mothers! Hopefully on $25, though if he has to pay his own ACC levies and whatnot, not sure what take-home will be.

He’ll have to go into old job and officially resign (although the place is such a mess, doubt they’ll notice/care at the moment, and they’re so disorganised they probably wouldn’t care if he turned up in three months again! Apparently there are guys that only work periodically..so….

New company seems just as bad. Not sure if they’ll pay cash or deposit on this project. But for some reason apparently their direct deposits take forver to clear – like, almost a week. How does that work? Fuck knows. They’re a business. Normal businesses pay staff and it clears overnight. So I don’t know what the hell they do or how they work it. But you know, whatever, as long as he gets paid someway somehow.

He will be working super long hours, like 10 hour days, but at least it’s fairly close to home – less time driving, less gas, less wear and tear, better lunch options nearby!

I hope he doesn’t burn out.

I have to drag him to the doctor sometime soon; he gets some strange pains and cramps, and the last couple of months has pretty much had a constantly upset stomach. Nothing pleases it! Definitely nothing spicy. Anything too heavy/creamy/sweet (yet he loves his custard and slathers his cereal with about a pound of sugar). He never feels like eating anything we make, and has gone “off” some of our staple meals (like a freaking pregnant woman or something) like nachos, chili, pasta etc. I reckon he’s developed some strange allergies or intolerances. He doesn’t want a doctor poking around and prodding him; I told him we’d ask for a female doctor if that’s what it takes!

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