My new thing: brunch!

breakfastI’m not a big breakfast kind of person. I eat cereal for breakfast. Sometimes toast. Occasionally pancakes on the weekend, if someone feels kindly inclined.

But I think me and BF may make breakfast out more of a regular thing. I would call it brunch, but with my weird newfound ability to function on less sleep, I’m actually up at what I used to call an indecent hour on a weekend morning – so breakfast really does fall before 10, and can be classed as such.

I don’t usually find breakfasts out anything spectacular – we haven’t been to many places yet, only a couple – and reckon we could do just as well at home. But I want to actually enjoy my life, and breakfast out is just a fun thing to do. Having someone else cook, and bring it to you – there’s nothing I hate more than standing over a hot stove cooking greasy food and having oil spit in your face – and just relaxing with a newspaper and conversation is really, really nice. Plus starting the day off with a real meal keeps me going for aaaages…past lunchtime for sure!

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