Not a democracy

university is not a democracy.

the one thing I despise about AUT is their policy on timetables. at least, within the communications faculty. they assign our classes. we take them. we can try and swap classes with other students of our own accord, sign forms, etc. it’s not always easy though, when you’re trying to pawn off an 8-10am media comm tutorial – people were resorting to monetarial bribes last year! Strangely, haven’t seen any such requests this year.

i’m just waiting to hear back about my two shorthand classes to finalise my schedule. they run 8-10am, tuesday through friday. unfortunately, the only two days where i DON’T already have a class in that block, are wednesday and thursday. so unless that gets changed, my shorthand classes will be on wed/thur – only problem is I have a four hour class lined up from 10-2 on wednesdays. Making 6 hours straight, 8-2.

please, kill me now!

four hours of photography last year on friday afternoons was painful enough, despite my love of the subject, the 2pm short break and that we were allowed to leave early (it was very much self directed). so I can’t imagine how shorthand followed by news reporting is gonna be.

i can’t wait to finish and be shot of their undemocratic scheduling. and to NEVER have to deal with studylink again. or have six hours straight of classes.

i do, however, plan to write a lovely letter to the scholarships office thanking them for my fortune and allowing me to graduate debt free. see, i’m no pessimist. silver lining!

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