Random thoughts

Girls are hard to live with.
So are guys.
Maybe living with gay guys is the solution?
Cleaning rosters don’t seem to last.
Especially when there’s a flatmate who’s hardly here and it seems unfair to place an equal cleaning burden on them, let alone split bills equally or buy cleaning supplied
Making sure everyone is equally invested: ie paid bond. It sucks when you have over a grand and a half tied up in a place and flatmates don’t give a rat’s and don’t respect the house. Their money needs to be on the line too.
Nobody ever wants to take out recycling. Let alone the rubbish.
Some people eat all your food and make insane messes when they’re drunk. And then conveniently forget what they did.
Some are just rude, selfish and inconsiderate and will flat out deny responsibility for anything.
Some people don’t consider TP, dishwashing liquid, soap, detergent, bleach or Jif important to a household.
Some people just should never leave home.
For some light relief and to take my mind off my life, ihatemyflatmate.blogspot.com – it’s gold.

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