One of our neighbours is a really old guy. Apparently his wife died a few years back, in that house, and he won’t leave it. So, his kids are waiting for him to die, too, so they can sell the house.

They must think the time is near, cause they’ve been doing up the house. A spot of landscaping, they buffed and painted the entire house (it’s weatherboard). It’s a really nice property. Always tidy and meticulously maintained. He also has a weekly cleaning lady, and someone keeps the lawns mowed. I’m jealous. Still, if I had the choice I’d have a cleaner, and my second choice would be a cook or chauffeur.

But I digress. I just wanted to share, cause I thought that was really sad. Him staying in that lonely old house (it’s fairly big, and I assume he lives alone…but I could be wrong) waiting out for the end. I am in no way comfortable with my own mortality, and nobody close to me has died yet, so it’s a really uncomfortable topic for me. I don’t like to think of people passing away, and just ceasing to exist. BF said if I was to die before him, he’d do the same. Stay in our house until it was his time, too. But odds are I’ll outlive him, because men die what, six years earlier than women on average? I know both my grandfathers died way before my grandmothers. Like, twenty years earlier.

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  • Reply Fabulously Broke April 27, 2009 at 11:53

    Kind of .. sad and clinical to say: The kids are waiting for him to die.

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