A couple of my friends dropped in last week when I was sick. I wasn’t super pleased at first, cause I looked and felt like hell, was unshowered and sitting in bed in my daggy old PJs. But the thought was appreciated, and then we got into watching random shit online. Like this UK ad for shavers (thanks Ginger) which I originally heard about in this column by Tracey Barnett, but was too lazy to hunt down myself…imagine how stoked I was to stumble across it without any extra effort in the blogosphere.

If you haven’t I recommend you check out the Evolution of Dance on YouTube – def good for six minute of entertainment! (Apparently part two sucks, though)

And then we got all retrospective and hunted down old 90s – mainly one hit – bands.

So if you were into 90s cheesy pop, kill some time and watch these!

For your pleasure…

Link love!!!

Dream – He Loves U Not
O-town – Liquid Dreams
Lfo – Summer Girls (Seriously, whoever wrote this should be shot)
NSync – Bye Bye Bye (I still think this video kicks ass :P)
Hanson – MMMBop
Spice Girls – Wannabe
S Club 7 – S Club Party (Never a good idea to namedrop yourself, let alone in the title)
Steps – Tragedy (BeeGees cover)

I love me my classic rock and glam metal, but 90s manufactured bubble pop has a special place in my heart. Not ashamed to admit it!!

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