I actually NEED to go shopping!

Today I realised something: I really, really badly need new underwear.

And a new bag.

I’ve had my silver handbag for, oh, three years? It only cost me about $15 and has held up pretty well, but is starting to wear pretty heavily. The fabric is fraying and the underlayer is showing through around the seams.

Maybe something along these lines…

arva-ground-serpent camille-large-red_resize image1l 1

As for underwear, well, when when things start to lose their elasticity and go seethrough…..

And I’m due for a couple of new bras – just can’t afford it!

The $60 refund I received from DTR came through, but it’s going to have to go towards just paying the bills this week instead of paying for new contacts.

Why? Well, mainly because of our huge power bill. Now that we know the culprit (the evil power sucking water cylinder, soaking up electricity yet not heating our water…what’s the point of paying exorbitant power bills if it’s not delivering you any benefit?), once it’s fixed our bills should return to normal. Yay!

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