Job titles

I must say I’m definitely learning a lot about the jobs that make the world go round! It’s amazing how little I actually know about fields like law, engineering and business.

I seriously spent the majority of this weekend glued to my laptop. What was I doing, you might ask? Well, catching up on email, news, Google Reader, researching a couple of story possibilities, and of course looking through job sites for BF.

I still see so many job titles which I still don’t really understand.

For example:

Learning and development consultant
Systems analyst / business analyst
Account director
Research associate
Procurement specialist
Compliance manager

And yet, sometimes job titles don’t really tell you anything about a position. Some are straight forward – sales assistant, receptionist, publicist, accountant. Then you get roles like communications manager, relationship manager, account manager….in fact, there seem to be so many “Manager” type jobs these days, some of which aren’t managerial in the sense that you manage staff below you, but often external relationships.

That’s a service and knowledge economy for you, I guess.

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