It really hit me this week that my end of year holiday plans are falling down around me.

Sure, I could go without BF, and no, nothing was set in stone (place, dates, ANYTHING…it was just a shadowy plan taking shape in my mind) but that really doesn’t appeal.

I just wouldn’t enjoy it as much, and I would feel terrible leaving him behind.

So it’s a bit of a shambles really. Our budget is down to the bare bones with no room for saving. And to take this even further, what about my big OE? The plan was we’d go after we’re both qualified. Except that will be another three years now. And teachers need two years, provisionally registered, before they can attain full registration.

And apparently yes, primary teachers are in shortage but many teachers are new grads without full licences, which means more work on the schools’ part to support them during their two years. So maybe it won’t be such a cinch to find a job right away.

Sigh. I feel like I have nothing good to report lately. All my life updates are just full of negativity.

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  • Reply Sense May 9, 2009 at 19:04

    what’s an OE??

    Everyone has these rough spots, it will pass. I promise!

    I can’t imagine being in school and caring as much as I do about money and PF–that all happened much later for me. I certainly remember having nothing to save and not doing a lot of the things I wanted to do because of money, though.

    I never went into debt in college, but i did in grad school. Afterward, I had to pay it all off, and that took a good year or so. I think in this day and age, it’s almost impossible to get out of school without some kind of debt…not that it is an excuse, and i’m not saying you SHOULD go into debt…but sometimes it really is almost unavoidable. Accepting that is difficult, I know. However–if you do everything you can to stay out of debt, and it’s not enough, I think it’s ok, because you’ll eventually be making a living wage and can pay it off. Education is probably the only excuse I can see for being in debt (also medical troubles, but I don’t think that happens in NZ as much as in the US…).

    can you make alternate holiday plans that are cheaper? Even just a ‘staycation’ where you and BF stay home and enjoy your time off?

  • Reply eemusings May 10, 2009 at 13:25

    Took me awhile to remember what OE actually stands over, I think it is overseas experience? You know, taking off overseas for a year or two (or more) to travel/work, etc…however you choose to do it.

    I’m just stressing about things that are out of my control at the moment and way past the immediate future.

    We staycationed on V-Day this year in Parnell which was nice, and I’d quite like to stay over on Waiheke which might be nice to do in the summer.

    I am really over not doing ANYTHING or going anywhere for lack of money, and never having anything new to share

    I should be able to graduate debt free which is pretty good considering I am subsidising BF. I’m finding it a bit hard to accept the idea of also supporting him throughout his degree, but again, something to worry about further down the track rather than now.

    I totally agree about education debt being acceptable, and no, as long as you’re an NZ resident medical issues shouldn’t really be a problem (unless you got cancer or needed really serious surgery? I don’t know who pays in those kinds of situations).

    I don’t really talk to anyone about money in any detail barring BF – nobody I know is even remotely in the same sort of situation so it’s quite isolating sometimes. .. so I let it all out on here unfortunately :S

    Thanks for listening and the kind words!

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