Why do YOU blog?

Just a wee little topic I replied to on a 20SB thread.

Why do I have a blog? I guess, to keep myself accountable. Tolearn more about money, and be part of a community.

So I can be totally open about personal finance in a way i can’t IRL. I mean, I am pretty honest with the people I know, but none of them are in even a remotely similar situation financially speaking so it’s quite isolating sometimes. Nor do I want to burden them with my worries. So I vent here…

To satisfy my narcissistic streak! Of course.   target=”blank”>i_love_blogging-787805

And to a small extent, to be creative – I no longer play guitar, or write songs. I’ve tried photography and enjoyed it and might take it up as a hobby next year. I really enjoyed my advertising papers last year; the process of creating a visual and painstakingly refining it for hours at a time until it’s JUST right. But I wasn’t quite creative enough for it. My domain lies in writing, and maybe in page design – because I am LOVING doing page layout at the moment. Editing & Design is possibly my most favourite paper. Blogging isn’t super creative, but it does the trick for now given how little leisure time I have this year.

And it’s addictive! When I first started I never imagined I’d be posting so frequently. I thought I’d run out of things to write about pretty fast. But I’ve been writing posts pretty regularly, and it hasn’t been difficult at all.

What about you – why do you blog? Does it ever feel like a chore?

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